That’s Me?

A few weeks ago, I asked you on Instagram what do you suppose about me. Many were right, others not so much.

It was a hilarious exercise because I could see how you all perceive me, and well, in some cases it is not very far from how I really am. Among all the  entries, I decided to choose the ones that were most repeated and answer them here for all of you. This way you can get to know me a bit more. Many thought that I would never answer if these assumptions are true or not, but as promise here they go.

You assume that …

  1. I am simple and relaxed.

    The truth is, yes … or at least I try! There are times when I cannot be so relaxed, especially when it comes to something that really matters to me and I want it to go well. Besides that, I consider myself a simple and relaxed person.

  2. I always arrive late at airports.

    You are completely right, but since this year I set myself a goal to arrive with plenty of time and over time. What happens to me is that I calculate very badly the hours of departure from my house, from the hotels, from any place and in the end I end up running like never before. I confess that the best cardio I have ever done in my life is at airports.

  3. I am a disorderly person in the house.

    No way! I’m the opposite. I hate disorder, I’m phobic. Obviously it does not mean that I always have everything super organized and under control, believe me, when I am very tired I send everything to hell.

  4. I am stuck-up and unfriendly.

    Well, I think this is something very subjective and everyone has their opinion. However, I decided to ask my best friends (who always tell me the truth, even if it hurts) what they thought about this. His answer was simple: no.

  5. I eat super healthy and I take great care of my diet.

    As you can imagine, my work is not a routine. That means that sometimes I have to eat at odd hours, in restaurants, hotels and airports. When I am at home I try to eat very healthy, but yes, for nothing in the world I leave the pasta.

  6. I hated to run in the Miss Universe pageant and I do not like reigns anymore.

    I LOVED participating in the Miss Universe pageant! Every time I see a photo or a video of the reign, my heart races. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget and for which I will be grateful all my life. But for now I feel that it is necessary to look at the future and explore other paths, expand my career and learn in other aspects.

  7. I am bad humored but intelligent.

    I’m not really sure what one thing has to do with the other, but I can tell you that I do get grouchy when I’m very hungry. As for being intelligent, thank you very much!

  8. I was bullied at school.

    Yes, they made fun of my height when I was in school, especially children. The funny thing is that now that we are adults, they are the ones who envy me and would like to have a few extra inches.

  9. I am easy going and fresh.

    I would believe that normally I am. Will it be being from coast of my country?

  10. AI love dancing.

    And you are right! I love dancing, it’s one of the things I enjoy the most and what makes me the happies. It is one of my obsessions. So much so that I want to take dance classes. Would you like me to show you when I take them?

  11. I have a rare hobby or habit.

    I think I’m weird in general. People who know me tell me that I look like a caricature (because of my physical appearance and how I express myself). Something that may be weird, is how I like to sleep, and it is in extreme fetal position (in cars, airplanes, buses or my bed)

  12. I do not know how to do my make up or that I do not like to put on makeup.

    The truth is that every day I like makeup more. I think it’s a creative and very fun process. When I started participating in pageants I did not know anything about the subject, and it was a type of makeup style that I did not love. I do not show it much, but I love playing with makeup and exploring new looks. However, I also like to feel fresh and take care of my skin, that’s why there are many days when I prefer to be without any makeup.

  13. I love chocolate.

    You supposed it very well: I love chocolate! How did they know? I also love sweets, I think it’s an addiction. I’m trying to work on that because I often abuse.

  14. I love partying.

    In this also you guessed right … more than anything because it is an opportunity to dance, laugh and share with friends. But if the party has music that I do not like, I despair. Although I must confess that every time I become more demanding with the type of party I go to. Of course, there are also many days that I love to stay at home and rest, and in the last few months, it’s what I have preferred.

  15. I can speak more than three languages.

    Yes it´s true. At school I learned English and German, and I studied French for three years (I have to go back to German and French because I have forgotten a lot).

  16. I am a sleeper and I sleep until very late.

    Ahhhh, I’ve always have.

  17. I’m shy.

    With some things I can say that I am shy, but to be honest, with most things I am not. For example, if I get on stage to sing or dance in front of millions of people, I do it with pleasure. I enjoy it!

  18. I am disciplined.

    With what I’m passionate about, I am. But after all I’m not perfect and I have moments when I’m not as disciplined as I’d like to be. In other words: I have ups and downs.

  19. I want to be a mom … but not soon.

    It is true! Yes I want to have children, to be more specific, three. But I also tell you that for that, there’s still loooooots of time.

  20. I’m vain.

    It depends. Sometimes I am and sometimes not so much. Can I answer that?

  21. I’m clumsy and I forget things.

    You are absolutely right, that’s the way I am. I am so forgetful at times that I almost once left the Miss Universe crown at an airport. Have you read that story? It’s here on my blog.

  22. I like to eat and I’m always hungry.

    One hundred percent real. I love eating. Even as more than some men I know.

  23. I was did very well in school.

    It all depends on the school year and the level of rebellion that I was going through, but in general I would say that it’s was fine.

  24. I never had problems with my self-esteem.

    Completely false. I always had problems with my self-esteem. Like many, throughout my life I have had enough insecurities, but the good thing is that I have never been obsessed with my physique. There is something that I have learned and of which I am sure: our physique changes and the beauty is gone with time, we only keep what we keep in our head and in our heart. The essential is how we feel and how we make others feel. The most important advice that I can give you is that it can be very dangerous to give such importance to beauty, let’s look beyond that. We can appreciate and admire it, but as long as it is from a healthy and fun perspective.

  25. I am a person of few friends.

    I think so. I have a few friends but they are all excellent friends. To be very sincere, I have worked more than I could socialize. But I’m not complaining, I love my friends.

  26. I’m funny.

    LOL. Thank you. I would like to think that I am, but you will have to ask someone else what you think of my humor.

  27. I want to be an angel of Victoria’s Secret.

    It would be incredible! I do not deny that I would love it, but from the experience I once had as a model in New York I would think that I would be asked to lose a lot of weight. And I don´t know if I would do it! Maybe now that they have more curvy models and I can jump into the ring to see what happens. Of course, the casting process is much more difficult than you imagine.

That’s everything for now. I had a lot of fun doing this exercise. Comment below what you thought would be different and if something of me surprised you!

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    Carlos says:

    Interesting post. It does tell a lot of who you are. You speak of modeling. Have you tried acting or studying acting? Lee Strasberg and a number of good teachers are in New York City. Being relaxed is a prime quality for actors or those who apply acting skills to other life aspects.

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