A professional globetrotter known equally for her beauty and her engaging enthusiasm for experiencing life, Paulina Vega is a former Miss Universe (2014) and a proud ambassador for Latino Americans.

Born in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, she has been a fellow citizen of the world ever since she was born. Ask her to board a plane and fly somewhere and she will, curious as she is to taste life and experience new horizons.

Paulina’s approach to life is the perfect combination of favorable fate and strategic planning. She has always understood what she wants and now she is going after it. While her beauty is undeniable, it’s her personality that has given her the place she deserves in the world of fame: very sociable and full of energy, cheerful and caring, approachable and naturally sophisticated.

She comes from a large, noisy, and loving family: mum and dad and seven brothers and sisters, who always push her to do her best while keeping her feet on the ground.

Winning Miss Colombia in 2013 and Miss Universe in 2014 were her breakthrough moments. One day she was studying Business Administration, the next she was on an international stage, with a heavy, precious crown on her head.

Saying that her life has changed ever since is an understatement. It has been totally turned upside down, in the best way possible. She started to travel extensively, to meet interesting people and personalities, and to support causes around the globe.

The rest followed: modeling and TV hosting, becoming a partner for beauty brands, and being chosen as the face of fashion houses.

But the best is yet to come for Paulina, and for the world around her.

She wants this platform to be her point of observation in the world, a special outpost from where she can share notes and thoughts on the many forms in which life happens to her, whether exceptional or ordinary, whether focused on herself or dedicated to others.

In which form? Well, certainly nothing you can expect because unexpected is an important word in her vocabulary.

So read along!

Photo Credits for header: Andrés Espinosa