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The mothers I celebrate today

Let’s Celebrate Her Every Day

Today I’ve decided to celebrate, besides my mom of course, her two daughters: Cristina and Laura. My two sisters are also, guess what…mothers!

I have had the privilege of witnessing them in their professional roles and now, thriving as wonderful moms. I admire them for many reasons, but mostly because each in her own way has managed to maintain a career alongside the one job that has no free days, is 24/7 and gives you a title that you carry all your life: maternity.

Besides, thanks to them I have two nieces I absolutely adore.

A couple of days ago I talked to Cristina—I’ve called her Titi since I’m a kid— and Laura—also known as Lali in my house— so they could share with me a little bit of how they’ve experienced in this stage of their lives.

First I talked to Cristina.

She is 34 years old and works in communications. Titi is the Director of Communication and Director of the Foundation of Tecnoglass. Her daughter Amelia is 1 year and 9 months old.

Pau: How have you managed to split the time between work and Amelia?

Cris: At first it was difficult and it still is, but I think it’s important to find a balance between work and family. You will always have mom’s guilt, the feeling of not being here or there with her, but the truth is I love to work and I love being with Amelia, both things fulfill me. Being an independent women is important, I think that way I can show my daughter that she can be and achieve all she wants in her life.

Pau: How do you manage time?

Cris: I’m a very strict mom when it comes to schedules and sleep time (she sleeps alone and is in bed by 8pm). That has helped me. I work 24/7 because I love it, but I take a break at noon and from 6 to 8 at night to spend time with her. Saturday afternoons and Sundays are also fully dedicated to Amelia.

Pau: Do you work when you’re with her?

Cris: I try not to. When I get home in the afternoon I drop off my purse and phone at the door. I disconnect myself from the office. I think the quality of time we dedicate to our children is important.

Pau: What have you learned from being a mom?

Cris: To admire my mom even more. It has taught me that the biggest love is the love for your kids.

Pau: And what have you learned about yourself?

Cris: Now I know that moms are capable of anything. While you’re at work you’re also organizing a doctor’s appointment, looking for a birthday gift, ordering the supermarket on your phone…You gather energies from nothing and you live like you’re in a marathon. Before becoming a mom I didn’t do half of the things I do now.

Pau: What advice would you give to other moms?

Cris: Never doubt yourself, trust that if you’re doing things with love you’re doing them correctly and they will work. There are many ways to be a parent, the important thing is to do it with love.

Afterwards I talked to Laura.

Laura is 32 years old and is a business manager. She works at a foundation and owns her own warehouse in Barranquilla called Casa Prado. Her daughter Antonella is 3 years old.

Pau: How have you managed to balance your time?

Laura: Having two jobs and taking care of Antonella full time is complicated. I pick her up at noon and I spend my afternoons with her. My weekends are 100% dedicated to her. During the week, Antonella is my partner and I take her everywhere. She comes with me to the bank, to do errands, to the supermarket and the warehouse.

Pau: What do you do differently now that you’re a mom?

Laura: I try to unplug myself from the cellphone. Antonella usually closes my computer, hides my phone and says “time to play with me mom”.

Pau: In what ways have you changed since you’re a mom?

Laura: I’ve learned to be patient. I am one of those people that likes everything quickly and sometimes you don’t get to do things right away. It’s made me slow down.

Pau: What has been the biggest lesson of this adventure?

Laura: You have no idea what your parents do for you until you have children of your own.

Pau: What have you learned about yourself?

Laura: I’ve become aware of what I am made of. Until I had my daughter I wasn’t aware of my capabilities and how much I’m willing to sacrifice for someone else. Life always brings you problems and adversity, but just by looking at Antonella I know what I am capable of doing to see her happy.

Pau: What advice would you give to other moms?

Laura: First not to listen to anyone else and do what you sincerely think is right with your kids. Everyone has different ideas but only you know what works for them. Second, to love your child above all things.

Cristina and Laura are unstoppable. I think it’s easy to see why I admire them so much. After talking to them, I can say I have a better understanding of all it takes to be a good mom.

This is why I really think that one day is not enough to celebrate EVERYTHING that moms do for us. So, my proposal to you is that we celebrate the women that fill this world with love not just today, but EVERY DAY.

Happy mother’s day today and always!

Now tell me, how are you celebrating the women in your life today? How will you celebrate them every day?

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    answer says:

    ⛅I think that children need to provide access to authentic and useful information,that would be when they grow up not were they cheated?.The responsibility of parents is huge up to a certain age,as well as different educational institutions.
    Pau knows how to interview.?
    By the way,how much do you expect to have free time in 5 years every day??

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    Domenick says:

    My favorite Miss Universe! I love following your stuff. Your quirky irreverent sense of humor and independent attitude are so refreshing and made you a blast to watch throughout your year and since. Frank and direct as you are, you show such a soulful sense of love, gratitude and respect for others, especially family. Never boring and always curious, you inspire by just being you. I love that and this Mother’s Day post! You are the embodiment of Confidently Beautiful and someday you will make someone an amazing mom. Thank you!