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The 25 Things I Learned in My First 25 Years of Life

The Significantly Deep and Trivial Things I Learned Over a Quarter of a Century

The big milestones and the significant events in our lives both give us a chance to reflect on everything that has happened in our past, which often leads to marking the beginning of new chapters. So, as my 26th birthday approaches, I wrote down a list of things I have learned during these first 9125 days of my life.

Twenty-five years equals to a quarter of a century. These first twenty-five years of mine have been filled with things that I never would have expected, things that just happened and of course, things that I also have planned. After all, as the late and great John Len-non eloquently sang in his song, Beautiful Boy, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

So, here’s a list of the 25 things I learned so far in life in no particular order, that I am still trying to apply in life and that I want to share with you:

1. Don’t let anyone define you.
2. No company is better than bad company, but good company is better than any-thing.
3. Take good care of your mind.
4. Be spontaneous (it is the key to youth).
5. See everyone as human beings and never forget that “it could be you”.
6. Pursue the things that make you feel free.
7. Laugh at yourself.
8. Drink plenty of water.
9. Good music can heal a lot.
10. Be curious, there is always something to be learned.
11. Tidy home, tidy mind. It’s actually true.
12. Keep an open mind.
13. Follow your inner gut and always trust your instincts.
14. Happiness is a state of mind.
15. The worst thing you can do, is not doing it at all.
16. You win more by giving rather than receiving.
17. It is necessary to get out of your confort zone.
18. Wash your face and hands before going to bed.
19. Invest in yourself.
20. You are what you eat, so eat well… and please, eat that last slice of chocolate cake too!
21. Don’t compare yourself with other people.
22. Don’t be hard on yourself, treat yourself with kindness, you aren’t perfect be-cause you don’t have to be.
23. Do what you love, love what you do.
24. Control your mind or else it will control you.
25. Seeking validation from others invalidates YOU.

And what about you? What have you learned up to this very moment in your life? If you were to pick one thing, what would that be?

paulina 25 Things
The 25 Things I Learned in My First 25 Years of Life. Photo credits: Camilo Villabona

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  1. Avatar
    Mission: Impossible says:

    ?Few people know what the rules are in alternating situations, but who knows the favorable rules?♻ And who acts according to the favorable rules???⚪⁉

  2. Avatar
    Amatyur says:

    Hello. I love your post! ❤ Numbers 6, 10, 12, 14 and 16 are very relatable to me. I also learned those things so far my life, plus this one: “Do things that will make you happy and satisfied.”

  3. Avatar
    Andrés Lotero Montoya says:

    Good morning Paulina, today I discovered you on the website. What a pleasant surprise. Not only área you beautiful in the outside but in the inside too.
    In my long life, I’ve learned many valueable things, but the most important is that we most enjoy life while it lasts cause it ain’t for ever and non of us will get out of it alive..??

  4. Avatar
    Andrés Lotero Montoya says:

    Buenos días, madrugo mucho pues es la parte del día en que mejor me siento y más fuerzas y ánimo tengo. Hago estiramientos y luego me tomo un gran vaso de agua al clima. Mientras preparo me desayuno, escucho las noticias en la radio y saludo a toda la familia, incluidos nuestras 2 gatas, dos perras y uno perro que es del vecino!!!??