Sometimes I Cheat

On Breaking the Rules at the Table and in Life

Some say that “cheating” is bad. But is it really?

Growing up, we are taught to follow the rules. Don’t talk to strangers. Study! Clean up after yourself. Eat everything on your plate. Don’t party too late! Do your homework! No elbows on the table. Color inside the lines. Wash your hands before eating. And my favorite one: don’t eat before swimming, not even a small bite, or it will cause instant death! LOL

 While necessary, rules may get in the way of…life and fun! Sometimes it is good to just relax, sit back, and enjoy things as they are, isn’t it?

Now, I am not suggesting that we should all go wild here! Just that we should learn how to let loose and enjoy the moment. A cheat meal every now and then is just fine, for example. And so are all the little things we do to enjoy ourselves and add a bit of salt (and pepper!) to our daily lives.

There you go, that is the key—every now and then. It is very good to cheat and enjoy things that we really have a desire for, like a good portion of French fries or a dish of pasta fully covered with Parmesan cheese. And then candy, chocolate, ice cream, hamburgers…basically anything you can imagine that tastes good.

As long as it is in moderation, that is totally fine. And for the rest, it’s a question of balance: proteins, vegetables, good carbs, fruits, staying hydrated, sleep, and last but not least, reducing stress. The recipe is as simple is it sounds, but the trouble is finding the ingredients that work best for you.

Paulina Vega
Photo credits: Andres Espinosa

It’s not easy, I understand. And let me confess something to you: I’m not always a balanced person myself, and neither is my life. But I try to do my best to find that middle ground, those grayish shades that work for me.

If we were to live by the book, following all the rules… well, it would be pretty boring!

You see, I think it is important to follow rules, but for me, it is much more important to question them. To be aware of the purpose of each one. I always ask myself: how can I make it better? Is it relevant? Is it necessary?

Curiosity plays a big role in this process. You have to be curious and interested in all the things that mold your behavior and your life. Question why you do things and why there are set rules.

And how could I end this article, if not by giving you my own set of rules—the dos and don’ts of my life—which of course you should totally question! =)

Because questioning is good. It keeps the mind and heart open and it makes us grow.


  • Be happy
  • Take risks
  • Challenge yourself
  • Help others
  • Follow your instincts
  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise at least three times a week
  • Call mum at least once a day (too much?)


  • Be closed minded
  • Be afraid
  • Plan everything
  • Live in a routine
  • Eat too much junk food
  • Watch too much TV
  • Refrain from trying new things
  • Settle
  • Forget about your mum (how can you forget about mum?)

Now, these are my personal rules, which I hardly follow myself, but I keep them in mind to help guide me and remind me of the fact that life isn’t black or white, but rather grayish. Anything can happen! Sometimes the dos become don’ts and vice versa. And I like it this way.

So here you go:

  • Set your rules, your lists of dos and don’ts
  • Keep them in mind, but don’t just follow them, be inspired by them
  • Break the rules from time to time!

And if you make a mistake, then it will be your mistake. Go ahead and embrace it. That is an opportunity to learn from your decisions.

Photo credits for header: Andres Espinosa

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    Man says:

    Paulina, when you tell your rules you’re much more fun than when you are silent about them.Your rules look spectacular against the background of this blog’s photo! WOW !!

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    Oscar Eduardo Torres Tejada says:

    Ayyyy bb no me hagas trampa…no me llegó el poema de tus pestañas

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    Sami Skyttä says:

    There are some roles, witsh have to used, wits a im curious!😍🖤🤍🧡🧡🧡