One Said Yes, One Said No, and the Other Said Maybe

One Question, Three Answers: Who Said What?

This week I had some fun writing down a few questions and sharing them with two of my biggest fans and role models.

I am not yet going to reveal who these inspiring women are, though. I’d like for you to guess first. Curious?

I bet you are ☺ Keep an eye on these pages and the mystery will be solved!

Miss G. said “yes,” Miss M. said “no,” and Miss P. said “maybe.”

The question is: have you ever considered running for a pageant?

One choice to make, three answers. And the outcome is…

Well, one thing at a time! First, enjoy the questionnaire below, and tell me what your answers would be!



Where were you born? City and State?

P – Barranquilla, Atlantico

M – Barranquilla, Atlantico

G – Magangue, Bolivar

What did you study?

P – I studied two semesters of business administration, after that, in the streets

M – Business Administration

G – Commerce

How many brothers and sisters do you have?

P – 3 brothers and 4 sisters

M – 1 brother and 3 sisters

G – 4 sisters

Your favorite person?

P – My mom

M – My father, who died at age 57 and missed so much of our lives

G – My mother

First time you drove?

P – Age 15

M – Age 14

G – Age 22

First time you kissed someone?

P – 14 years old

M – hahahahaha

G – I don’t remember, haha

What do you think the other person in this interview responded?

P – Haha, literally no idea

M – The same

G – Pau, 19 or 20

Have you ever considered entering a pageant?

P – No, until everyone started telling me I should

M – I was offered, but said no immediately

G – Yes, actually, I was Miss Atlántico

Why yes/no?

P – I knew a few things because my grandmother participated

M – I was more into sports

G – I considered it a romantic event.

Favorite Food?

P – Italian

M – Pasta

G – El mote de queso

Favorite Movie?

P – Dead Poet’s Society

M – Jerry Maguire and The Sound of Music

G – Gone with the Wind

Favorite Cartoon?

P – Don’t have one

M – Chip and Dale and the Road Runner

G – None

Your idea of fun?

P – Music, beach, good people, adventures, exploring, sunsets

M – Enjoying nature

G – Going to the beach

You biggest challenge so far?

P – Opening up about myself

M – Raising 5 kids
G – Running my clothing business when I was young

Your biggest reward so far?

P – Connecting with people around the world

M – My family

G – My family

If you could leave your life behind, what would you do?

P – I would dedicate my life to exploring the whole world, trying to help others and one day visiting another planet

M – Go around the world

G – Stay right where I am

And who would you bring with you?

P – My family

M – My family

G –

What do you think the other person in this interview said?

P – They wouldn’t leave anything, but if they had to, they would go to a place with family

M – The same

G – Don’t know

Massage or a night eating out?

P – DIFFICULT decision. But always food.

M – Night eating out

G – Massage

White or black?

P – White

M – Black

G – Blue

Beach or mountains?

P – Beach

M – Beach

G – Beach

New York or London?

P – New York

M – New York

G- New York

Salsa or Tango?

P – Salsa

M – Salsa

G – Tango

Favorite song ever?

P – The way you make me feel – Michael Jackson

M – Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

G – New York, New York

Favorite writer or poem?

P- Pablo Neruda

M – Sidney Sheldon

G – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Can you cook?

P – Nope

M – Yes

G – Expert

Can you dance?

P – YES!

M – Regularly

G – Not actually, but did it well in the past

Can you drive?

P – Yes. But some people would say I can’t. Like my mom…

M – The best!

G – Still drive at my age

Can you fly?

P – In my dreams

M – In my dreams

G- No

One thing you’d change from the past?

P – Fighting with my little sister

M – Some but can’t tell

G – Nothing

Something you’d like to grant for your future?

P – Health for my family. Education for my future kids.

M – Health

G – Health

Never without…your phone/TV?

P – Phone

M – Nowadays, the phone

G – Phone

Never without…good company/alone time?

P- Good company

M – Alone time

G – Good company

Never without…sun/rain?

P – Sun

M – Sun

G – Both

Tell me a joke?

P – I don’t know any jokes. Oops

M – Very bad at jokes!

G – What did the milk tell the coffee?  What a hot “negrito”!

What would you like to ask the other person in this interview?

P – What is her biggest dream?

M – What are you afraid of?

G -To Pau. If you would have to choose between have children of your career: what would you choose?

Say ciao to everyone!

P – Bye Felicia!

M – Chao!

G – Adios!

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