Be Well

Perfect Imperfection

My legs. My teeth. The asymmetry of my eyes.

These are just a few of the things I’d like to accept.


I just started writing this post and I have already corrected myself.

What can I say? I am NOT perfect, nor do I WANT to be perfect.


Every time I see a picture of myself, I kind of feel like I am looking at a cartoonish figure.

Thank God for the photographers and stylists and designers who graciously remind me to pose. If they weren’t there, I would ALWAYS look silly or goofy, funny or weird.

I wish I looked sexy and sensual and sweet…but I just don’t! Or rather, it doesn’t come naturally.

Paulina Vega Dieppa
Photo Credits: Camilo Villabona

Society leads us to think that everything needs to be complete, full, entire, in order to be beautiful and to be perfect. Even the vocabulary supports this view, defining imperfection as follows: “the state of being faulty or incomplete.”


I disagree. We too often forget that some of the most beautiful things in life aren’t perfect at all. They are rather asymmetric, imbalanced, disproportioned. Also to be read: unique, different, rare. If I had to summarize the concept in one word: imperfect.


And who wants to be like everyone else, anyway?


Like I said, I am a bit goofy. And I have to add that I like it. I like to have something that’s mine and mine only, even though it might not be perceived as traditionally “beautiful.” I wish I could move things around easily and just fix them, except that it doesn’t work that way.


What is there left to do, then? Laugh!


I just laugh about myself…with those same teeth people suggest me to correct. Laughter makes people happy, and happiness is one of the best states of mind.

Photo Credits: Camilo Villabona

So don’t let any insecurity or barrier, difficulty or person, limit you, your accomplishments, and your dreams.  Instead, learn to embrace what makes you different, and that will help you turn your insecurities into strengths, the so-called negatives into positives.


It takes time and courage, and a lot of work on yourself, but you can do it. I promise!


I suggest you start taking some time for yourself, sit down and start looking at those unique aspects of your personality, your body or your life. And look around, you will see everyone is unique in that way and in their own way, everybody is struggling with some imperfection. Which reminds me: be gentle, because you don’t know what’s going on with another person.


But remember to be gentle also with yourself. Embrace your uniqueness.

Because it makes you comfortable with yourself and it gives you strength, which in the end, makes you live better.


You see, the path of our life may look very long, but it never really is. The faster you get comfortable with who you are, the sooner you can learn to stop fighting yourself and turn that fight into growth.  It will make you evolve, it will help you become who you really are.


Remember: it is ok to have imperfections and to make mistakes. Be gentle to others and to yourself.


Photo Credits: Camilo Villabona

Now read it again:

It is ok

to have imperfections


to make mistakes.

Be gentle to others

And to yourself.


And repeat it like a mantra, every day. It can make your life turn.


Be yourself! Everyone is taken.


Photo Credits for header: Camilo Villabona

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  1. Avatar
    Ruben Cubides says:

    Great message . Loved it

  2. Avatar
    María Camila Rojas says:

    I love it! Simple….

    Thank you!

  3. Avatar
    Jenny Murcia says:

    Absolutely loved this post! Made me feel better about myself. Thank you and please keep writing!

  4. Avatar
    Angela bueno says:

    This is amazing I love it, it’s so true what you are saying and I love the fact that you are making people realize what is really going on honestly I admire your beauty as girls sometimes we are too harsh on each other or even with ourself but I really want to thank you to remind me how important is to love me just the way I am thank you never stop dreaming beautiful

  5. Avatar
    Phuong says:

    Thanks for a wonderful topic. I really love it.

  6. Avatar
    Carolina Martinez says:

    Dear Paulina you are the greatest youngest inspiration among women of our generation in Colombia. This article defines your personality, intelligence, and humble side of Colombia’s most beautiful Miss universe of all time. Bravo!

  7. Avatar
    Rodolfo says:

    When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’ ; They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.- John Lennon.
    Thanks Paulina for inspiring us.

  8. Avatar
    Mireya says:

    Sencillamente….. hermoso mensaje

  9. Avatar
    Gigi says:

    You are so admirable thank for your kind words and to remind us to be ourselves unique and perfectly imperfect.

  10. Avatar
    Eduarda Zurita says:


  11. Avatar
    Sami Skyttä says:

    You are very beautifull and life strawberry.❣❣

  12. Avatar
    Huyen says:

    Such an inspiring topic! Hope you will reactivate this blog soon. Love u